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Welcome to Faultless, a platform created to educate and inspire. The goal is to bring like minded individuals together that are interested in creating a network that utilizes different methods for generating passive income all online. Resources like E-Commerce is what the future is leading towards, so it is time to become well versed NOW! Why not invest in a limitless vessel that can get your product or service in the hands of millions with just the click of a button? The benefits of a passive income is not only freedom of time. I get to travel the world, fly first class, stay in the finest hotels, and experience all that life has to offer without ever having to step foot in an office. I get to live the lifestyle I manifested for myself solely off of my passive income! Don't limit yourself to what you can do financially. With  passive income, you can regain control of your freedom. Faultless is meant to assist you on your journey of personal development. You can continue to grow and better your mindset through joining the



Everyone’s doing it. Do it, Differently.


My culture was created around the Power of Connection. I connect my people to various opportunities within the E-Commerce space that result in them coming to their own conclusion: Success is Freedom. Those who are willing to take my systematic approach towards success with my own profitable strategies will unveil a world full of freedom & abundance. 


Authentic. Genuine. Real. 

I offer profitable strategies that garner success driven results. My formulas have been tried & tested for over a decade of experience. Gathering my data, creating unorthodox strategies, executing on those strategies, & stepping back to reflect. I have mastered my formulas through my self development & learnings. 


Add.. Better yet, Multiply! 

The vision is simple. My following are leaders from all different backgrounds who are passionate about showcasing what’s possible. Guiding my leaders, I direct them on how to leverage multiple online platforms that result in multiple streams of income through the power of the internet. Passion income is my craft & I am honored to share my wealth of knowledge.


My sole purpose is to connect.

I connect my followers to the benefits of e-commerce, leveraged finances, & personal development to gain freedom of time, finances, & our most powerful possession - the mind


William Allen

My Purpose

The Level Up


Personal Development



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